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Welcome to Readings by SunChariot, a place to help light your path.

a place to help light your path

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This is a divination web site, featuring four types of readings: Tarot, Oracle, Rune and Angel readings. 

When many people think of readings and divination, they think of using them to predict the future.  But that is far from their only purpose. They can be used:

  •  to investigate past issues
  •  to analyze why you may not be acting in your own best interest (discover unconscious issues affecting you)
  •  to find comfort when worried
  •  to fix things that are not working as well as you'd like in your life
  •  to better understand the relationships in your life
  •  to help you make decisions by showing you the future implications of each of your choices
  •  to help you find your life purpose
  •  to help you better understand the lessons your life is trying to teach you. 
  •  and my all time favorite: to help you create your best possible future.

One thing divination teaches is that the future is not fixed.  Something that is predicted is not written in stone and can usually be changed.  This is a part of the beauty of divination.  You can ask what future you are heading towards.  And if there is something you would like to be different, you can ask what steps you need to take to change it. And then take the indicated steps and thus change your future. Or you can simply do a reading about where you want to be at a certain place in your future, and ask what steps you can take to help ensure you arrive there.

There are almost no limits to what you can ask, with a few exceptions. The methods of divination I practice are not traditionally helpful when it comes to answering questions whose answers are either yes or no. They give information, not yeses, nos or maybes. 

As well, asking when something will happen is not often accurate because of the fluid nature of the future. The timing changes depending on different events that can interfere between the present and the future.

And perhaps most importantly, it is best to avoid questions asking what you should do. Divination is a tool of education and empowerment. It is meant to show you the options available to you so you can make the best choices, but never to make the choices for you. We all have our own life lessons we are meant to learn and we must each learn them on our own terms and in our own ways.  We learn what we learn from experience better than what is just given to us. Divination is a tool to enhance your living experience, but never to live your life for you.

It is my privilege to work to help you enhance your life experiences in any of the ways mentioned above.


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